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Meditation Workshop with Santikaro: The Skills of Insight

  • Ebenezer Lutheran Church 1650 West Foster Avenue Chicago, IL, 60640 United States (map)

Arrive and set up from 12:30 - 1:00.  Doors close at 1:00 PM.  Please arrive early to sign in and set up.

Vipassanā is seeing and knowing clearly, directly, and deeply in accord with actual realities as we experience them (rather than apparent realities). This “definition” combines the meanings of four closely related terms from Early Buddhist teachings that collectively flesh out the meaning of “insight.” Drawing upon these teachings this workshop will offer guided practices that introduce three core skills of “vipassana meditation.”

The first skill is to mindfully comprehend the arising, happening, and passing of basic inner experiences: pain and pleasure; images, memories, and ideas; recognitions and evaluations; and thinking.

The second skill is to notice when any inner experience is carrying a sense or assumption of “me,” “mine,” or “my self.”

The third skill is to shift out of this habitual and limiting way of perceiving by inquiring into the origins (what came just before) and consequences immediately following of whatever is getting attention. In other words, to see the experience within a stream of inter-linking causes and conditions rather than the assumed “me,” “mine,” or “my self.”

You will observe that mindfulness is essential to each core skill, which deploy and cultivate mindfulness in more subtle ways, under the guidance of wise, skillful understanding in line with Dhamma. This is how we cultivate opportunities for seeing and knowing clearly, directly, and deeply

These practical skills, once developed “on the cushion” can be brought into daily life, as they involve deepening of mindfulness practice. They enhance our capacity to “let go.”  Further, the more deeply we see the underlying reality dynamics of our experience, the more we empathize with the suffering of others and lovingly respond without personal ego demands.

Guided practices will focus on each of these skills in turn, with debriefing and discussion for each. The objective is that you will have enough of a start with each skill to further develop them on your own and enrich insight experience. 

To learn more about our teacher Santikaro and his Dhamma refuge in southwestern Wisconsin, please visit the Liberation Park website.  For questions or more information about the workshop, please contact Ellen.
To attend you must register through EventBrite.  The registration fee is $15 to cover expenses. For Santikaro's effort and teaching, dana (goodwill donation) is gratefully accepted. All dana supports Liberation Park and Santikaro’s work. 
Logistics:  There is no parking lot, but unmetered parking is available on the side streets just north of the church.  The entrance is the large door in the courtyard facing Foster.  There is one flight of stairs up to the meditation room.  The floor is carpeted.  Please bring mats, cushions, and kneelers if you use them. Chairs will be provided.

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