When we take a retreat it provides us the opportunity for extended practice, reflection, seclusion, and support from sharing the space with others. We welcome teachers that are skilled in expressing the dharma in all its many ways. Retreats have a structure which generally includes alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation, silent meals, and dharma talks.

ICMC brings in teachers from our local area and across the U.S. who have different styles and areas of focus, but who all practice in the vipassana (insight) tradition, providing a continuity that helps us more fully embrace the dharma. We offer day-long non-residential retreats and multi-day residential retreats. Retreat managers and sangha leaders are always happy to answer questions about retreats.

When we are able, we offer classes in meditation, study groups, and other programs. We also enjoy gathering socially for potlucks, meditation in the park and other activities.

Upcoming Retreats, Workshops and Days of Mindfulness

For practice opportunities, see our Events page or Calendar.


Day-Long Retreats

ICMC occasionally offers day-long retreats at various Chicago locations.  A typical day-long retreat consists of alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation, recorded dharma talks or practices, and question and answer sessions. Silence is generally maintained among retreat participants even through lunch. Fees are dependent on the location of the retreat; the teachers and ICMC count on the generosity of retreatants to support us through your donations.



Residential Retreats

ICMC offers residential retreats in various locations in the Greater Chicago Area throughout the year. The teachers are wise and skillful, the food is excellent, and the sangha is supportive, so we encourage you to consider attending!  Retreat participants are asked to donate generously to the teacher and the retreat supporting staff, who do not charge for their time. Scholarship assistance is available.