+ Do I need to bring my own meditation cushion? Will any be provided?

If you prefer to use a cushion to sit on the floor, it’s best to bring your own, since few locations have cushions to loan.

+ I’ve never meditated before. Will I learn how to meditate at Insight Chicago meetings?

Meditators of all experience levels are welcome. The group leader will be happy to offer guidance on how to get started. Each meditation session usually begins with some basic meditation instruction as well. Meeting attendees also often share techniques that have worked well for them in their own practice.

+ Do I have to be a member or make an appointment to attend a meeting?

No need to be a member or make an appointment. Meetings are open to all.

+ What happens at Insight Chicago sittings?

Most sittings include a period of group meditation followed by readings, recorded talks and sharing by attendees. Many meetings offer instruction for beginners in how to meditate.