Nothing Special

There is nothing special about spiritual practice, and spirituality cannot be found in rites or rituals. It is found instead in just being, living ones life, doing what one does every day. The dhamma is there in everything you do: sometimes it is easy to see and sometimes our vision is obscured. If we believe that we must have complete quiet, just the right cushion, this condition or that condition in order to practice or "be spiritual," we are exercising another form of materialism. "If only I could go to a monastery or on retreat or I could just get rid of my possessions, then my practice would be better."

In fact, we are practicing something in every moment, whether we realize it or not. Practicing grasping or practicing generosity. Recognizing the dhamma in each moment....In fact, quite often our mundane activities are great metaphors for dhamma. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather today, I washed the windows. As the dirt and grime disappeared and the windows sparkled again, I noticed how much better I could see through and how much pleasure that gave me. Just so, my practice helps me wipe away the dirt that obscures my ability to see clearly. And those moments of clear seeing give me pleasure.

It is nothing special. Just the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Posted by Deb.