There were snow flurries here today. Just as snow makes visibility difficult when we are driving, thought flurries obscure clear seeing of the path.

“Obscuration” is a term more typically used in Tibetan or Mahayana Buddhism and refers to those emotions, attitudes or views that prevent the mind from becoming liberated. Obscuration is also called “defilement” (kilesa in Pali). I prefer the word obscuration because it more accurately and neutrally describes what these mental states do: obscure or cloud the mind to prevent seeing what actually is.

You can google 108 defilements or Buddhist defilements for a list. As you look at the list of mental factors, reflect on the existence of these and how they distort one’s thinking. By the way, other synonyms are “torments” and “afflictions.” When you review the list, you’ll see why.

Posted by Deb.