The Way Out

Once while camping in Canada, I was fascinated with the black squirrels of which there were many in this particular campground. The campers across the road from us had put up a screen tent over their picnic table and during the early morning hours, a squirrel had managed to find a way into the screen tent but couldn’t find its way out. The animal was panicked and ricocheting around the walls of the tent. The racket did not wake the campers, so I walked over and unzipped the door, so the frightened squirrel could escape.

Even through the door was now wide open, the panicked squirrel could not see the way out. Only when he slowed down a bit did he notice that he could escape…….

When the mind is restlessly churning, sometimes we just need to slow down, breathe and we see the way out is just waiting to be noticed.

Posted by Deb.