Full Moon


Say, listen,
Would ya like to take a bath in moonlight?
Hey, can’t you just see yourself
Takin’ a runnin’ dive into a pool o’ glowin’ blue,
Feel it glidin’ over you,
All around and inta you?

Grab a star, huh?

Beat it up to bubbles and white, sparklin’ foam….
Roll and swash…..
I just like to bet you could wash your soul clean in moonlight.

~ John V. A. Weaver

On these full moon nights, I’m reminded of this poem I memorized in the fifth grade. It’s spirit of joyful abandon captures that sense of pleasure and awe we feel when something captivates us and we live it fully in that moment.

This poem is from a collection of poems by Weaver titled In American.

Posted by Deb.

Posted by Deb.